ALÉ - Italian Way

ALÉ - Italian Way

Thursday, Dec 22, 2016 0 comment(s)


After thirty years at the highest level in production of sportive clothes for cyclists,  ALÉ decided to offer fans a new brand, that will be a revolution: ALÉ. At the foundations of ALÉ there is their obsessive Italian craftsmanship, together with the constant innovation in the production process, in materials and in design, to ensure functionality, comfort and the best of performance; at the foundations there is its company made by more than 100 men and women that put in their work professionalism and passion; at the foundations there are the feedback received by the greatest champions of cycling but also by amateurs.

So, after having developed hundreds of products and having worked for the most prestigious international brands,  ALÉ decided to launch the “definitive” brand, which makes a strong know- how without comparison.

So ALÉ is the true “100% MADE IN ITALY” because it has been conceived as idea, changed into a brand and after into a production chain to become a full line of products without real comparisons, all inside the company of Verona; to satisfy the cyclists of all the world.

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